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Detoxifies tap water and makes it safe for your aquatic animals
Naturally balance your aquarium with these friendly probiotic bacteria
A super porous bio-media engineered to provide superior bio- fare with good water flow for efficient removal of ammonia, and nitrite. Use with One & Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria to establish a superior biofilter.
Assists fishes' natural immune system
A high capacity, porous media that provides superior bio-filter surface area for the growth of bacteria that remove of ammonia, nitrite, nirate and organics. Can be used with One & Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria to establish a superior biofilter. Can be used with Waste-Away to establish a denitrifying filter.
Zeo-PURE™ is a 100% natural, high-capacity ammonia binding media that can also remove heavy metals. It is highly porous with a large surface area for bacterial action.
Equalizer™ is great to use in systems where activated carbon is not recommended. Being less forceful than carbon it is great for plant and reef tanks and in soft water aquaria. Equalizer™ will remove fine particulate particles, organics and help control ammonia, nitrates and phosphates.
Dissolve hidden waste in your saltwater tank
Clear up cloudy white water naturally
Carbon is a super efficient superior bituminous coal based carbon that is phosphate-free and adsorbs impurities, organics and pollutants. Resulting in crystal clear, pure water.
Use in Saltwater to Control Green or Brown Water