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Ammonium Chloride Solution for Fishless Cycling

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Use with One & Only Bacteria
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This bottle of reagent grade ammonium chloride is for use when fishless cycling.
Concentration is 40 mg/ml of total ammonia-nitrogen (TAN).
Dose 4 drops per gallon of aquarium water.* Use with One and Only Nitrifying Bacteria.

Generally during a fishless cycle you need to add ammonium chloride to your tank 3 times so:

a 2 ounce (60 ml) bottle will cycle 100 gallons (359 liters)
a 4 ounce (120 ml) bottle will cycle 200 gallons (757 liters)
a 8 ounce (480 ml) bottle will cycle 400 gallons (1,514 liters)

We stronly recommend downloading and followng our recipe for successful fishless cycling.

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NEED HELP? - Download Recipe and Guide Now

Some conversions:

1 drop equals 0.05 ml
1 ml equals 20 drops
1 teaspoon equals about 5 ml which is 100 drops
1 tablespoon equals almost 15 ml which is 300 drops

*NOTE: As of November 1, 2016 we changed the concentration of the ammonium chloride solution so it now takes 4 drops per gallon. The previous version called for 1 drop per gallon. Please see the label on your bottle to determine how much to use. If the bottle says use 1 drop use 1 drop if the bottle says use 4 drops use 4 drops.