What Customers Say About DrTim's One & Only Nitrifying Bacteria

SEA LIFE Aquarium - Tempe, AZ

SEA LIFE Aquarium - Tempe, AZ

DrTim’s One and Only was crucial in the setup and cycling of our facility. We were up against a very short timeline and with the aid of DrTim’s bacteria we didn’t need to worry about massive water changes. During the initial stocking our ammonia only reached 1ppm for four days and then dropped to below .1ppm within less than a week. Nitrites never reached above .57ppm and were gone within 10 days. I wouldn’t do another startup without it.

B. Dirk Westfall
Displays Curator

SEA LIFE Aquarium - Tempe, AZ

The start-up of a public aquarium is a challenging process and time is an important factor in order to meet the opening deadlines. DrTim’s One and Only Bacteria was a critical component in the opening process of our aquarium. It allowed for us to have our systems operating and ready for fish in a matter of days as opposed to weeks or months. I highly recommend the use of this product for the start-up of any aquarium. It will make a huge difference!

Chris Spaulding
Senior Curator

What Customers Say About DrTim's First Defense - Stress Relief & Immune Support

Hello Dr. Tim,

I want to send you these pictures of a before and after of my two Discus since I’ve been using your products. As you can see even with these cheap cell phone pictures … you can still see the big difference in color and the stress lines (black vertical lines) are going.

... I’m forwarding these pictures and saying thank you for your wonderful products, they’ve helped calm my discus and brought out their color and overall health.

Thank you =)

... I use the first defense with every water change. I let the conditioned water sit overnight in a large bucket and maybe a few minutes before I pour in the new water. I pour your first defense in the bucket.

John A.

Before First Defense

Fish Stress Lines Before First Defense

After First Defense

Fish Stress Lines After First Defense