NP-Active Pearls

NP-Active Pearls & Media Reactors

100% natural biopolymers for the removal of nitrate and phosphate
What are NP-Active Pearls?

NP-Active Pearls are a pure, specially made biodegradable carbon (polyhydroxyalkanoates commonly referred to as PHA) for use in aquaria. PHAs are made from bacteria so they are truly 100% natural and completely biodegradable into carbon dioxide and water.

How do NP-Active Pearls work?

In the aquarium environment, bacteria use NP-Active Pearls to assimilate phosphate and nitrate in the water to grow, producing bacterial biomass which is then easily harvested.

Introduction to NP-Active Pearls

How to Use NP-Active Pearls

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NP-Active Pearls
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