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Eliminate common chemicals in tap water that are toxic to fish with no unpleasant odors.
Naturally balance, restore and maintain your aquarium
Supports fish immune system and helps corals cope with stress
A super porous bio-media engineered to provide superior bio- fare with good water flow for efficient removal of ammonia, and nitrite. Use with One & Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria to establish a superior biofilter.
A high capacity, porous media that provides superior bio-filter surface area for the growth of bacteria that remove of ammonia, nitrite, nirate and organics. Can be used with One & Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria to establish a superior biofilter. Can be used with Waste-Away to establish a denitrifying filter.
Zeo-PURE™ is a 100% natural, high-capacity ammonia binding media that can also remove heavy metals. It is highly porous with a large surface area for bacterial action.
Dissolve hidden waste in your reef, nano, or seahorse aquarium
Equalizer™ is great to use in systems where activated carbon is not recommended. Being less forceful than carbon it is great for plant and reef tanks and in soft water aquaria. Equalizer™ will remove fine particulate particles, organics and help control ammonia, nitrates and phosphates.
Carbon is a super efficient superior bituminous coal based carbon that is phosphate-free and adsorbs impurities, organics and pollutants. Resulting in crystal clear, pure water.
Control Brown or Green Water in Reef, Nano, and Seahorse Aquaria