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Products for Freshwater Aquaria

DrTim's Aquatics H2O-Pure products are perfect for all freshwater aquaria. 

Our products are manufactured with the utmost care for the fish and the maximum convenience for the fishkeeper in mind.  The DrTim's Aquatics product line allows one to easily and successfully set up a new aquarium and maintain the highest possible water quality to ensure a safe environment for all aquatic creatures.

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Freshwater Aquarium Starter Kit
Average Rating(8)
Mini Tumbler Media Reactor
Average Rating(0)
Mini NP Pearl Tumbler Kit
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Pellet Master 1
Average Rating(0)
Pellet Master 2
Average Rating(1)
Small NP-Active Pearl Reactor Kit
Average Rating(0)
Pellet Master 3
Average Rating(2)
Medium NP-Active Pearl Reactor kit
Average Rating(2)
GroBeam 1500 Color Plus
Average Rating(0)
NP-Active Pearls (5 gallons)
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