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AquaBeam 500 Duo Marine White LED strips
AquaBeam 500 Duo Marine White LED strips

AquaBeam 600 DuoTwin: 2 x 12W Marine White

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Two (2) AquaBeam 600 12watt Marine White LED light strips
Part Number: 2180
Feature: Unit does not come with a Power Control (Optional)

Two (2) Marine White Light Strips each with 5 - 14,000K LEDs Great for Marine Fish Tanks and Freshwater Aquaria (that have 16 inches of water depth or less).

  • Creates a natural "shimmer" effect.
  • Uses the latest generation of CREE® XR-E PowerLEDs, specially selected for AquaRay Products.
  • Wide-angle beam allows light unit to be mounted close to aquarium surface for optimum and even light distribution.

Up to 50,000 hours lamp life (equivalent to 6x standard fluorescent lighting) with no significant deterioration in spectral quality and less than a 20% reduction in light output. Low voltage and cool running. Uses a safe, low voltage DC supply, requiring no noisy fans and ensuring minimal heat transfer to the aquarium water, reducing the need for additional cooling systems.

Highest useable and visible output of light per unit of energy consumed (all visible and directed). Tests have shown that a 12w AquaBeam produces up to 33% more illumination at 50cm than a 24w compact fluorescent aquarium fitting.

Lowest running costs and carbon footprint of any lighting system available. An AquaBeam 500 lamp unit will cost less than $11 per year to run and will operate under normal aquarium conditions for up to 10 years before needing replacement. All AquaRay products are made by TMC in the UK.

They are also environmentally safe, using NO MERCURY and are backed by a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE (1 year on power supply).

Reduced light spillage around the aquarium with all the light directed to the aquarium, without scatter from inefficient reflectors and large, clumsy light fittings.

Unique light-weight, waterproof design and flexible mounting options including over tank hanging and wall mounting, making them suitable for replacement, retrofit and new install.

Future-proofed to include digital capability and compatibility. Unlike most fluorescents and metal halides, AquaRay Light Units have the capability to be digitally controlled and future AquaRay developments will include timer functions, dimming and color changing to suit your mood and application.

MMS Modular Mounting System compatible, offering an extensive range of mounting options for your AquaRay light unit.