Reef & Nano Aquarium Starter Kit

Reef & Nano Aquarium Starter Kit

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Has Everything You Need for a Reef, Nano, or Seahorse Tank

DrTim's Reef & Nano Starter Kit has everything needed to get a reef, nano, or seahorse aquarium started. Included is One & Only Nitrifying Bacteria (creates a natural bio-filter), Aquacleanse (use for detoxifying tap water when changing water), and First Defense (boosts fish immunity and reduces stress).

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5 Stars
Reef Starter Kit
I have used the bacteria to start the cycling process with the addition of two clown fish. My ph seems to be from 8.2-8.5. My nitrite has been pretty good but my Nitrate still seems a little high to me. I have done one water change since I set the tank up two weeks ago and have recently added a protein skimmer that I am still trying to find the right position to get the best skim. I did use the other two products when I was setting the tank up and when I did my first water change. I would like to start adding some smaller corals and possibly a hammer coral soon. I really have liked that I can start enjoying my tank sooner than most others who wait the 4-8 weeks time frame of cycling but still trying to battle those Nitrates.
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Reviewed by:  from Northern California. on 4/3/2013
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