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This page contains recipes with step by step directions on how to use a combination of DrTim's Products to:

1) Fishless Cycle your aquarium with One & Only and ammonium chloride
2) Fight Cyanobacteria and/or Algae with Re-Fresh and Waste-Away
3) Color-Up your corals with First Defense and Eco-Balance

Download each recipe by clicking the links below

Download a copy of Fishless Cycling by clicking HERE

Download a copy of Coloring-Up your corals by clicking HERE

Download a copy of Getting Rid of Cyanobacteria or Algae by clicking HERE

Below is our Quick Use Guide - Find your situation on the left and then go across to find which DrTim's product to use.  If you would like to download a copy of the Quick Guide click HERE.

For a copy of our product overview CLICK


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