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Mini Tumbler Media Reactor

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The media reactor that fits right inside your tank or sump!
Part Number: 449

The Mini Tumbler Media Reactor is easy to install and fits right inside your tank! No more unappealing reactors set up outside your aquarium.

This compact size reactor controls nitrate and phosphate in your tank by activating NP-Active Pearls and constantly turning and oxygenating them. This process helps to maintain sufficient water flow as the bacteria consume oxygen. If clogging occurs, clean the reactors and rinse the beads before restarting your reactor system.

The reactor can be used in both freshwater and saltwater systems, and includes suction cups for secure installation inside your tank.


  • Fits inside your tank – small footprint
  • Upward fluidization for gentle media tumbling
  • Easy to install; partially or fully submerged
  • Smooth water return decreases unwanted turbulence
  • Adjustable valve for variable fluidization

Dimensions (with pump): 7”L x 3.5”W x 9”H
Includes: Reactor body, pump, media screens (no media included)

Recommended for up to 100 gallons.