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Large NP-Active Pearl Reactor kit

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Kit that includes NP-Active Pearls, Reactor, Waste-Away and Pump
Part Number: 1813 PM3 NPA-Kit

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Our Medium NP-Active Pearl kit has everything you need to start reducing nutrients and achieving better water quality. Save over buying products separately!

This kit includes:
  • (1) Bashsea Pellet Master 3
  • (1) 900 ml jar of NP-Active Pearls
  • (1) Lifegard 2200 pump
  • (1) 8 ounce bottle of Waste-Away

NOTE: You will need to supply 3/4" ID tubing to connect pump to reactor and direct water back from reactor to aquarium/sump.  The PM-II is 7.5" in diameter and 16.5" tall with 3/4" hoe barb.

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