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GroBeam 600 Ultima
GroBeam 600 Ultima

AquaRay GroBeam 600 Ultima Natural Daylight (Single)

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Perfect for planted tanks and tropical aquariums. This is a single unit.
Part Number: 2860

GroBeam 600 Ultima - Single

The GroBeam 600 Ultima utilizes the same platform as TMC's Award Winning line of marine Aquarium lighting fixtures. Packing 5 ultra-efficient CREE XB-D PowerLED's with a color temperature of 6500K, these lights are a great choice for illuminating planted and freshwater fish aquariums. The GroBeam 600 comes in two options: a single GroBeam 600 Ultima strip with one power supply or the DuoTwin which has two GroBeam 600 Ultima strips powered by a single power supply.

  • Uses the latest and brightest generation Natural Daylight CREE XB-D PowerLED's with a 6500K color temperature for optimum plant growth and color rendition
  • Perfect for planted tanks and tropical aquariums.
  • Wide-angle (120 degree) beam allows light unit to be mounted close to the aquarium surface for optimum and even light distribution
  • 30% brighter than the GroBeam 500 it replaces
  • Offers a minimum of 50,000 hours lamp life - 6x standard fluorescent lighting
  • Creates a natural shimmering effect
  • Low running costs and environmentally friendly - long-life, very low carbon footprint and No Mercury
  • Cool running with low heat transfer to aquarium water reducing the need for expensive cooling systems
  • Light-weight and compact design, with versatile mounting fixtures included, allowing a wide variety of replacement, retrofit and new install options on all sizes of aquaria
  • Sealed, water-resistant casing and a low DC voltage power supply makes AquaRay easy and safe to use in all conditions
  • Future-proofed with built-in capability and compatibility for digital control including timing and dimming
  • Designed and manufactured by Tropical Marine Center in the UK with a 5 yr guarantee

The GroBeam 600 Ultima is available in the following models:
  • GroBeam 600 Ultima Single: 1 x 12W 6500K
  • GroBeam 600 Ultima DuoTwin: 2 x 12W 6500K

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