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AquaBeam 600 Ultra Fiji LED (Single) AquaRay

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1 x 12w LED Lighting Suitable for All Marine Aquaria/ High light output. Wide angle beam.
Part Number: 2910
  • AquaBeam 600 Ultra

    Completely re-engineered housing, sealed with a single silicon rubber gasket

    • New-style screws ensure the unit is factory serviceable
    • Stainless steel threaded inserts make direct mounting inside a hood much easier
    • Wide angle beam
    • New mounting brackets fit into the heat sink for more secure mounting
    • Suitable for all marine aquaria
    • Four color versions
    • Low running costs
    • Lower power consumption
    • No bulb replacements
    • Long life > 50,000 hours
    • High energy efficiency
    • Uses the latest Generation of CREE XR-E PowerLED's, specially selected for AquaRay products
    • Wide range of mounting options using the MMS Modular Mounting System

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