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AquaBeam 2000 HD Ultima Reef White

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9000K Ocean white color temperature for natural, even light.
Part Number: 3060

Key Features:

  • New module to complement the award-winning AquaRay range High output, wide angle design
  • 9000K Ocean white color temperature for natural, even light distribution and strong color rendition
  • Compatible with all aquarium types including NANO tanks


1. AS PRIMARY LIGHTING: Marine fish-only and soft coral aquaria.
2. AS SECONDARY LIGHTING: Marine full-reef aquaria (for best results, use in combination with AquaBeam 600 series strips).

Uses the latest and brightest generation of CREE® XP-G PowerLEDs available, specially selected for AquaRay products. Wide angle beam maximizes light spread.

  • Cool running with low heat transfer to aquarium water.
  • Low cost of ownership and environmentally friendly.
  • Very compact, measuring just 20 x 20cm, making it suitable for use in nano and other smaller tanks.
  • Offers a minimum of 50,000 hours lamp life - 6x standard fluorescent lighting.
  • Lowest running costs and highest useable output of light per unit of energy consumed, with all light output being visible and directed towards the aquarium.
  • Versatile mounting fixtures included, allowing a wide variety of replacement, retrofit and new install options on all sizes of aquaria.
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Benefits AquaBeam 1000 AquaBeam 1500
Suitable for use with nano tanksxx
Suitable for fitting in aquarium hoodsxx
Corrosion proof and impact resistantxx
Cool running and low heat transfer to waterxx
Flexible mounting and fixing optionsxx
Ultra safe and silent operationxx
Suitable for all marine set upsxUp to 52% higher output
Suitable for general illuminationx40° wider angle
Sunrise/sunset/moonlight in one unitxx
Covers a greater areax33% more coverage
Suitable for marinesxx
Full spectrum light for plants/zooxanthellaexx
Renders colours close to naturexx
No UV shielding requiredxx
No need for lamp replacementsxx
Make the most of your electricity!xUp to 50% more efficient
Low cost of ownershipxx
Safer for the environmentxx
Less contribution to "greenhouse" gasexx

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