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Ammonium Chloride Solution 2oz bottle

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At 4 drop (0.2 ml) per gallon enough ammonium chloride to treat 1,180 gallons of water.
Part Number: 812540018304
This 2 oz (60 ml) bottle of reagent grade ammonium chloride for use when fishless cycling.
The concentration is 40 mg/ml of total ammonia-nitrogen (TAN).
Dose 4 drop per gallon of aquarium water.

(NOTE: this was changed in Nov 2016.  If your bottle says add 1 drop per gallon add 1 drop per gallon but if your bottle says add 4 drops per gallon add 4 drops per gallon).

1 drop equals 0.05 ml so this bottle will dose 1,200 gallons of water one time.

Generally during a fishless cycle one needs to add ammonium chloride to their tank 3 or 4 times so this bottle is enough ammonia to cycle aquariums up to 100 gallons (378 lites).

Some conversions:

1 teaspoon equals about 5 ml which is 100 drops.
1 tablespoon equals almost 15 ml which is 300 drops
1 ounce equals 29.5 ml equals 590 drops

Here is our recipe for successfully fishless cycling with our Ammonium Chloride.  (click the image to download)